VASSAL 3.10 beta 7: cannot start VASL 5.8 mod

Downloaded the VASL 5.8 mod, and the latest version of VASSAL as per the directions on the VASL page where it talks about if you want to modify VASL.

Worked fine under 3.0.17 other than the message that the VASL mod had been created under 3.0.18 and the fact that it wouldn’t save my changes.

So I downloaded the beta 7 release and it won’t open VASL at all, either to play or to edit.
VASL will still launch on its own through the .bat file, but that doesn’t get me where I want to be. Mostly want to add a couple dice buttons and redo the LOS threads so they don’t hide the counters when in use, simple enough to do if I could get the thing to run at all.

Thus spake “Skalla”:

VASL has not yet been updated to work with VASSAL 3.1. Rodney is planning
to make the necessary changes shortly after VASSAL 3.1 is released.


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