Vassal 3.5.3 reporting as 3.5.2

Having a very strange issue with 3.5.3. When I go to install 3.5.3 as an update to my last version (3.5.2) all is ok. I have made some changes (edits) to a module, saved it and closed out of vassal. When I can back to open the module later, I strike a strange problem:

When I open the module, I am told that I need to upgrade to 3.5.3.
When I check the version top left of the management screen, it now shows that the version is 3.5.2 . I have reinstalled 3.5.3, and everytime I close out and come back to open the module that I made the changes in (as 3.5.3) I am told to upgrade, and that the version of my current of my Vassal is 3.5.2

I cant tell if this is a module problem or a Vassal problem

We need to see the module in question in order to troubleshoot this problem.