Vassal 3.5.6

Playing Command & Colors Ancients version 4.1, if it helps we played expansion 2 scenario 222

Both my opponent and I upgraded today to 3.5.6. While playing the game online the movement trails would work for some units moved, and not for others. Happened to both sides while playing. It would also change up while playing, units that didn’t show movement trails would do so on a cleared turn later. We could use unit menu for the units that did not show movement trails and turn it on manually and that worked.


We played two different games of same scenario and it happen consistently in both games.

This bug was unmasked by change in v3.3 of Vassal. It affects all CCA scenarios.

I fixed the problem a while ago but have left it with Giulio (the maintainer) to incorporate in an official release.
It is a very simple fix that only affects the end turn button (so it will work with all the embedded scenarios).
I have been using it for months without problem… feel free to use it too and report back how you find it: … .vmod?dl=0

PS If one person is using my fixed version (4.1f1) and one using plain v4.1; have the person using 4.1f1 press
the end turn button every time. This is good enough to stop the problem happening.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the heads up. I checked out your fix compared to original, and was like wow, that’s all that you had to do. Appreciate the help, my opponent and I have been using engine before 3.3. So we never had the problem till the other night. I’ve updated my opponents module and mine with your fix and it works perfectly.

I haven’t seen Giulio around for a bit. I don’t think it would hurt to just place your version in with notes about what it fixes.


Hi Kevin, thanks. Your note nudged me to submit the change officially and it is now “live”, though last time I looked my comment on the module wiki hadn’t get joined the module update.

(In the course of logging the fix, I realised that it was in fact vassal v3.4 that introduced the issue)