VASSAL 3.5.8 Released

VASSAL 3.5.8 Released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce VASSAL 3.5.8.


  • Things may be broken which worked previously. If you find a new bug, please report it.

  • Modules saved in 3.5 are not openable by earlier versions of VASSAL. We recommend keeping a backup copy of any pre-3.5 modules you plan to modify in 3.5 until you’ve verified that everything works to your satisfaction.


Windows (64-bit)
Windows (32-bit)

Changes since 3.5.7

Bug fixes

  • 14599: Error logs should be read from disk as UTF-8
  • 14596: Removed initial heap setting for Importer, unused since 3.5.4
  • 14579: Mass Piece Loader cannot add ‘standard’ layer traits
  • 14570: Longer cancel wizard text shifts wizard divider position
  • 14568: Counter Global Key Command expression does not see properties in lower traits
  • 14479: GamePieceImages recognized by unused image removal tool

Other improvements

  • 14600: Switch bug tracker to GitHub

Changes since 3.5.6

Bug fixes

  • 14540: PgDn stopped scrolling maps downward
  • 14527: NoSuchMethodError when calling
  • 14526: IllegalArgumentException when rendering empty labels
  • 14521: NPE in CounterDetailViewer when Stack shapes array is longer than the piece count

See the Release Notes for descriptions of the changes in 3.5.

Minimum Requirements

VASSAL 3.5 requires Java 11 or later.

The Windows and MacOS packages have an appropriate version of Java bundled with them, so there is no need to install Java separately on those operating systems. On Linux, use your package manager to install Java 11 or later.

Help us test

Please report bugs in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL forums.



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