Vassal (and X wing module) screen tearing issues

Hey all,

Every now and then, Sassal goes crazy graphically. The problem seems to be in the Vassal or Java window refreshing process. All the windows become super unstable, showing content from other windows until manually refreshed, etc.

It’s best seen on video, so I’ve made some videos of it so you can see what’s happening:

It’s annoying as hell. Sometimes the game goes for 30 minutes without it and then it starts, sometimes it starts from the get-go. But it’s almost always there.

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, Java version 1.8.0_91:

I have both most recent versions of Vassal (3.2.16) and Xwing (5.7.3)

What you’re seeing is likely a bug in either your version of Java, you video driver, or the combination of the two. I’d try a different version of Java first.

Im also having the screen tearing issue.

Half a year later, new computer, clean windows 10 installation, new Java, new graphic card and new graphic card drivers. Problem persists. It does not happen on my laptop.

I use nVidia drivers and most recent java version. Should I downgrade to a lower Java? Which one seems like a good candidate?

Hi there!

X-Wing 6.5.3 with Vassal 3.2.17. I have the same issue. Please I need help!

I have this same problem with the 8.5 series of World in Flames modules. It’s stable for awhile but eventually as I move the mouse around I start getting the images of other window overlaying the window of interest.

I have Win 10 Home, Java 64-bit (which it must be to support this module) is release: jre1.8.0_112-b15
3.5 GHz AMD FX™-8320 Eight-core processor with 16 GB of RAM
Graphics Card is ATI Radeon HD5400 series. Latest driver AMD 15.301.1901.0

I run two monitors using the HDMI and VGA outputs and have found it to stay stable longer if i put the Vassal module on the right hand VGA monitor (screen 2). But eventually as the mouse enters the additional windows I’ve opened and have dragged to the left monitor, I get this problem. It starts either at the top left corner or if I right-click for a unit menu.

Eventually it becomes un-useable because of all the partial windows and partial unit menus opening on top of one another. Exiting and restarting the module helps but it seems it then takes less time before the problems start up again.

Looks like this thread talks about the sane kind of problem:

I have tried several versions of 64-bit java and it has not made any difference for me.