Vassal Chat Module

Would you like to see a CHAT module for vassal?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dont need it. I can always find a game I want

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I was thinking it would be cool to have a module, specifically used for chat. To set up rooms, looking for games. Seems like it would be a lot easier to meet people than having 10 games open.

You could create rooms called “Block games” or COH series, ww2, Rev War, whatever you wanted

Any thoughts?

I created the module here. I will consider adding features later that could enhance this … ule_id=874

Hi Charles,

Well … yesterday … i was thinking about an april fool’s ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve downloaded the Game Module … and nothing ! (May be a fish in my back !)

Could you explain how to use it as a Chat Mod ???

You have defined entries … but, sorry i do not see how it works …



you just open the chat module, go online, and create a room like you do in a game
the beuty is you can talk to anyone about any game, you dont have to wait in any game.
you could name the room SPI Fans, or block games, use it like a chat room whatever