Vassal engine download problem


when trying to download installer I get message
VASSAL-3.5.6-windows-64.exe was blocked because it could harm your device.

Same message if try to load 32.exe version.

This happens with all my computers I am using…something to do with firewall settings?

  1. If you downloaded 3.5.6 from our site, what you’re seeing is a false alarm. You can ignore it.

  2. What exactly is producing this message? Your browser? Your anti-virus software? At exactly which step are you getting the message? Would you post a screenshot of it?

This is the default message Windows is throwing every time for me as well, when running the EXE the first time. I guess it just doesn’t recognize the author as a known trusted source.

Just click on “More Info” (or “Details” or something such, not sure about the English interface) and then “Run Anyway” (or “Execute Anyway” or something such).

here is screenshot

What’s that coming from, your browser? your AV program? If your browser, what browser is it? If your AV program, what AV program is it?

Browser where photo is taken is Microsoft Edge.

Problem is with all computers which I have tried to download Vassal exe file. My home computer, work computer even my friends computer. I have turned off Microsoft Defender but that do not help. There must be something in Windows settings that block downloading this exe file, but I do not know what.

What happens when you click “See more”? (A screenshot would be helpful.)