Vassal Factory : Is born ....


I no longer support Vassal Forge or take part of anything about this … and i have now founded my own Factory :

Even if this is in french :

  • Structured FAQs
  • Game Modules
  • Prototypes and videos
  • Forums

i launch here a call to Vassal Module Designers : Give me a little presentation of your work to translate it “across the pond”.

You have done an authorized Vassal Module !

Please give us a sum up about limitations, what you have included or not … and the purpose or the context in which this is intended to be used …

We want more info about YOUR CREATION … and a dedicated news will be made and translated …

Contact me by PM or at softbug at free point fr



Vassal Factory need to hear your Voice!!!

Here our first News in both English and French about the Twilight Struggle version 2.5.

Once again, i wish to thank Tim Mc Carron :wink: … &showall=1

Now it’s time a promote Vassal Game Designers !

What else ??? :laughing: :wink: :laughing:


If you want to see all news in english … just clic on … l=fr&tl=en

This is the Automatic Google Translation engine … :wink:

Thanks, it is going to take a while to learn your language, the translations should help, I think :wink:

… NEWS :

A little interview of Mark Cuomo who has provides us an ADC2 conversion for Le Grand Empire.

The purpose is to explain the process for other guys that want to make this too … … tid=1:2009

Thanks for keeping up the good work soft-bug and for keeping us on top of things.

  • M.

2009/5/16 soft-bug < (>

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Hi Mickael,

Thank you …

Well now i have just opened an Experimental Vassal RSS aggregator Service.

After a lunch with Joel last week in Paris, i though that a global view of the news from Vassal in the new upcoming Vassal Engine website will be interesting.

It’s why having news from communities, publishers, Vassal sites … … &Itemid=57

This is not an entire global view … but i refresh it twice a day.

Select the dedicated flag to understand news in french :wink: (Automatic google translation)




With the help of Shad … I have now integrated the VASSAL competitor’s Directory to the Factory Flash service …

Service : … &Itemid=57

Just put your mouse on the news to have a direct tooltip overlay …

I have make more tests with this current Vassal Forum …