VASSAL Fails to Load (FIXED) - VASL Sort of Loads


The last time I really had a chance to get online with VASL was back in the late 80’s and only played around with VASSAL offline for some solo gaming in Iraq or Afghanistan.

After two days of trying and after posting this question on here I found a link to VASSAL v3-1 beta that allowed me to get VASSAL to load on my computer. THANKS. . .

Now on to my on going headache with VASL that I need your help with as I am giving up till someone helps me out.

I started with the most recent version of VASL 5.8 and worked my way backwards till I was able to get VASL version 4-1-8 to work.

I got the same problem with VASL that I had with VASSAL as far as error message goes. ERROR MSG “Could not create the Java virtual machine”.

So how do I fix this error message?

“Could not create the JAVA virtual machine”

Oh also today I was at the VASSAL site and I could see who was online in the VASSAL main room.

Thanks in advance,

Earl Schultz (