VASSAL favicon issues

Not a critical question, but an annoyance.

See attached image.

The radial splat icon was what I had for ages for this link:

But recently a new icon has appeared, that sexy V & oval.

However, I only get that icon on forum pages.

I made a new bookmark for the main site and it had the V for a few days, but then reverted to the splat.

Please, free me of the splat!

Thanks Shad. It’s comforting to know someone is focusing on the big issues. hehe :laughing:

The main site needs to have the new favicon inserted into the header html, but I don’t have access to the files; Hence the reason you only see it on the forum page.

Thus spake “bsmith”:

This will be fixed when we move to the new site. (Unfortunately, it’s
unlikely that I’ll be able to finish that work before August, now.)


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