Vassal Greenhorn looking for PBEM opponents

Hello Everyone-
I’m coming out of wargaming retirement after 20+ years and I need some people to play against. I’ve just discovered VASSAL and I’m excited about the possibilities. I’ve played Squad Leader, Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader in my youth. Recently I’ve gotten into ASL Starter Kit #1(plan to get more into ASL), Memoir 44, Battlelore, and the games from my younger years.

I’m hoping I can find someone that will be patient with me as I come up to speed on some rules and the ins and outs of VASSAL.

Email me or reply here if your interested.

Hey Bob

Just wondering if you found a PBEM opponent yet? I would be interested in going through the growing pains of Memoir 44 with you. I just bought the game about 3 weeks ago, so I am a big newbie to it as well. In fact I’ve only scrimaged myself, because I don’t have any local opponents. How’s that for interest? I started a Vassal PBEM with a buddy of mine in AZ (I’m in NY) but would like to see other players too. I have a new baby in my family and cannot afford online play but PBEM works great. Would you be interested?


Hey Jason!
Thanks for replying to my post! Yes, I’d be interested in some Memoir '44 PBEM. I really enjoy the game. I’ve been playing M '44 with my son now for about 2 months. Although he’s a good opponent, I’d would like to get in some games against adults too. It’s hard finding anyone to sit down with and play M’44. Despite my pleadings, my wife isn’t too interested in playing. :smiley: Have you messed around any with the expansion packs for Memoir '44? Send me an email and we’ll get a game going.

Hi guys,

crimedog66 wrote:

If either of you feels like juggling another opponent into the mix, I’d
be interested in some PBEM M’44 too. I only have the base game, which
I’ve played a few times face-to-face, but I’d be willing to try the
expansions if the rules are downloadable (I think they are).


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Hey Timpelican!
Yep, I’m up for another opponent. Send me an email and we’ll get a game going.

WOW bob is loading up.

Tim I’m in 2 games right now, but I’ll definately keep you in mind!