VASSAL Launcher macOS (vsav/vlog)

On Windows you can double-click a .vlog or .vsav and it will launch VASSAL, open the module, and load your saved game. On macOS this does not work. The path to the .vlog/.vsav is not passed as an argument to the script (perhaps this worked in the past and Apple changed it, either way, doesn’t work now).

As a workaround I made a simple launcher program. You can find it here: … /tag/1.0.0

You should place the VASSAL in the same place as (for example both in /Applications).

The VASSAL Launcher is not signed, so you will need to bypass Gatekeeper to open it. Right-click the dmg and choose Open With > After copying VASSAL Launcher to your computer right-click > Open it once to make it work with Gatekeeper.

This application will associate itself with .vsav/.vlog files – so when you double-click your saved game file it will open with this program. It then runs the same command as uses from inside to launch Java, but includes the file path of your saved game file as an argument. VASSAL Launcher uses “which java” to find your active java installation, so java needs to be on your user path for this to work. After launching VASSAL the Launcher closes right away.

The VASSAL Launcher does not modify anything in VASSAL, your modules, or your saved games.

The program is a few dozen lines of Javascript wrapped with Eclipse to make it an executable program. This is not the most efficient possible solution, but it gets the job done.

I created this originally as a response to this thread on BoardGameGeek: … assal-imac