Vassal mods downloads as movie clips

I’m having trouble downloading modules. When I save for example Fire in the Sky or Conquerors: Alexander, they get saved as MPEG-files, some sort of movie clip. This has happened as I got a new computer. I have Windows Vista. What’s causing it?


magnus_313 wrote:

Probably just some sort of media player has decided that ‘.mod’ belongs
to it, and is showing a media icon. (MOD is an old music format from
back in the Amiga era (and before?))

I see this (but only sometimes!) on the Mac with downloaded modules
showing up with a default Quicktime icon.

Don’t worry about it, just open the file anyway from VASSAL. Rename the
file to ‘whatever.vmod’ if it bothers you - the new upcoming convention
for modules will use that extension.


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I thought I’d tested to open the modules but I tried now and it works fine.

You will see this alot with my mods.Haven’t found away to fix it but as you found it dosen’t affect game play.

Later, 8)

Just name it after the convention xyz.vmod. ;)