VASSAL Newb looking for opponents


I haven’t played anything on VASSAL yet. I’d love to get some PBEM games going and maybe schedule some RT stuff (maybe with Skype). I am in in GMT -8 (west coast of the USA).

I am relatively inexperienced in the games on VASSAL which is why I want to get some more games going.

Games I own or have played:
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
Twilight Struggle
Hammer of the Scots
Crusader Rex
1960: The Making of the President
War of 1812
War of the Ring

Games I would like to learn:
Battle Cry
Commands & Colors: Ancients
For The People
Here I Stand
The Legend of Robin Hood
Paths of Glory
Princes of the Renaissance
Struggle of Empires
Sword of Rome
Twilight Imperium 3
Victoria Cross
We The People

So, if you would like to get some wins under your belt and don’t mind showing me the ropes, let me know. ;-)



I’m always looking for a new opponent.

I’d love to try Hammer of the Scots or Sword of Rome. At the moment, I am trying to get some people to play Pax Romana, if you have any interest in that.

Let me know. :slight_smile:


Sword of Rome or Wellington are of interest to me, especially for 3-4 players.

Mark, maybe we should do a game of Sword of Rome with Meng, instead. What do you think?


Hi, i am also interrested in a game of sword of rome, maybe the problem is the time difference because im from germany.

Perhaps a late-night Friday (USA) + early-morning Saturday (Germany) might work? Or else Saturday/Sunday?

Well, time zone isn’t a problem if we play via email. I have only glanced at the rules and never played, so I don’t know if it is too difficult to play by email.

on friday night i can start at 11:00 pm german time.

did you guys use skype to phone over the internet?

Id works very well for my memoir 44 or Twilight struggle games!

Right now, I am looking for a real-time game, not necessarily to be completed in a single sitting. We can possibly manage with late-night Pacific, wee hours of the morning Central and early morning in Germany, but I can’t swing Friday night 11pm German time because I’ll still be at work!

Which time is good for your guys? 8)

I could do a late night Friday session, but I typically don’t get home from work before 7pm (pacific time zone, gmt -8 ).

I have a vacation week coming up, so I should be pretty flexible during the first week of April.


I am newbie too and I am willing to try Twilight Struggle PBEM, so le me know

Hi guys,
I would be interested in Struggle of Empires or Hannibal too, let me know if something is going down, by the way my time zone is GMT plus 1 (the netherlands)

I would be willing to get into a game of sword of rome Im on the west coast (USA) im familar with most avalon hill games will try most others if your interested let me know.sean

Hey I’d LOVE to play Hammer of the Scots or Crusader Rex!

I’m in Europe GMT +1.

Please feel free to PM me to play!