Vassal Offline?

Can one set up and play a Vassal game offline against PC or another opponent and how does one do it? Or is it only online?
Forgive my ignorance, I new to this.

There is no AI in Vassal, you need human opponents. That said, you can play offline with your friends at home sharing the same computer (hot-seat mode) or online (Vassal server or peer-to-peer). There are also some solitaire games which have been ported for Vassal.

Id peer to peer for email use? i am having trouble using the email system. Here is the thread that I posted

Yes, I forgot to mention Vassal has also PBEM capabilities. PBEM instructions are in the thread you mentioned, for example. It’s not peer-to-peer though: by that I mean the intranet connection of a few computers for network play, as opposed to using the vassal server.

Hello Barbanera,

I just wanted to say if you want to play a fun game off line, ONSLAUGHT is a excellent solitaire game. The turns end when both sides roll a dice 6 and they tie.