VASSAL opponent wanted UK/Europe CC:E ASL etc

looking for an oppenent(s) mainly for combat commander europe/med/pacific but also devils cauldron, asl, a victory denied and a host of others… bored of solo play lol
can play most evenings realtime, or pbem whenever…
am okay on the game rules themselves, but a total newbie connected to vassal…!


I just bought Combat Commander: Europe - 2008 Reprint. Have a lot of experience in wargaming.
But newbie to Vassal. If intrested let me know.


I’m based in Barcelona so looking for players in roughly the same timezone

Mark (Greygor)

Wondered if you were still looking for CC:E opponents. I’m in France—CET . Played solo and a few face to face but would like to find opponents for Vassal “live” and/or pbem.