VASSAL Review on D6G Podcast

The recent D6 Generation Podcast (D6G) - a general gaming podcast - focuses on gamer tech and there’s a head to head review of VASSAL and Sun Tzu. VASSAL gets good press, as does ST, but I think the reviewer missed a couple of key points about VASSAL and he ends up recommending ST.

Thus spake “Rooster”:

Is there a real review in there someplace? I listened to the first five
minutes or so and couldn’t stand it beyond that.


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I understand :unamused:

Starts here: 3:03:31

To each is own, but I thought their attempts at humor were painful.

3:03:31 wasn’t the start time for me, it was some horrible skit.

3 hours 3 minutes and 45 seconds he says the word vassal… not skit that I can hear.

But I agree - the humor isn’t my cuppa by a long shot.