Vassal Rookie wants to play PoG

im a completly beginner in Vassal and in PoG

but im despretly wanting to find a opponent


If no-one else volunteers, I’d be happy to show you how VASSAL works, using the Paths of Glory module, but I definitely won’t have time to play a full game!

Hi Giddi,

Giddi wrote:

I’m only part-way through my first game of PoG (by VASSAL, I own it in
real life, but have never played face-to-face), but I’m willing to give
a second game a try if you don’t mind a fairly relaxed pace and the odd
mistake :slight_smile:


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hi there,
i am new to vassal and PoG as well. have played one game recently face-to-face - have never played vassal. i know, i know, playing versus me would not be fun :slight_smile:

but i really hope that there is someone around who might be interested in giving me a quick idea of how it all works! actually i do not have the time to play a whole game in the next couple of weeks - so it would be perfect for me if there is someone around who could spend an hour of training or so.

i am from germany so i apologise for not speaking/writing english perfectly…

looking forward to someone’s reply