Vassal says it's not a saved game file.

When I run VASSAL, I have no problem opening the PGG module. But when my friend tries to open it, “Vassal says it’s not a saved game file.” Any ideas?

Never mind–somehow he got it to work and sent me a sav file. Now I have to figure out how to open it!

  1. Start VASSAL
  2. Open the PGG module
  3. Choose to load a saved game

Did that; a freind who is trying to play PGG with me tells me to load the module and then “Load Continuation”–same thing?

Load continuation is a feature intended to be used for playing back multiple VASSAL logfiles (file suffix: .vlog) sequentially. Your first two posts mentioned saved game files (file suffix: .vsav), which are static snapshots of a board position with no movement history or playback ability.

If you are trading saved game files back and forth, Load continuation is not what you want. Even if you are trading logfiles back and forth, you still don’t want to be using Load Continuation unless you are receiving multiple logfiles from the opponent in one batch that are meant to be reviewed in sequence. If it’s just one logfile back and forth at a time, you still want to use the normal “Load a saved game” choice.