Vassal Xwing Error

Error advised me to come here and post. I have attached the file due to too many characters to post. All I want to do is play Xwing on Vassal and I cannot. Please help.


Your best bet when you need help for the module is to come to the vassal league slack, which has a ton of players, some of which are aware of the current bugs. You can request an invite here : one link to request an invite, another link (in the ‘communicate’) section to log in.

Let me guess: did you try to load a list with a M3-A that had a hardpoint upgrade? If so, it’s a known but with the current 8.2.0 module version and is already fixed for the upcoming 8.2.5 version that’s coming out this week.

I had to use an older version to get a module working on my laptop. 1.7xxx as Java version 1.8.0_191 was buggy for it for some reason. So go download and install the latest 1.7 version and try it but make sure you uninstall 1.8 also.

Also we had issues with the 64 bit version of Java at my work so we only use the 32 bit versions.