VASSAL, ZunTzu & FtF Opponents Wanted

VASSAL, ZunTzu and FtF opponents wanted for any of the following games;
Great Campaign of the American Civil War Series - All / Any
Operational Combat Series - All / Any
The Devil’s Cauldron / where Eagles Dare
The Civil War (VG)
War in the Pacific 2ed (DG)
Eastern Front Barbarrossa Series (GMT) - All / Any
Battles of the American Civil War Series - All / Any
A Victory Lost / A Victory Denied
The Battle for Normandy (GMT)
Highway to the Reich 2ed (DG)
Computer War in Europe (DG)
Wacht-am-Rhein (DG)

have played 1 game on Vassal for VG civil war, second game has dragged out and opponent lost. Would play CSA if possible and you not minding relative newbie on game. Losts of vassal experience. PM me if interested.



Interested in the Devil’s Cauldron, any scenario, any side. PM if interested, thanks.