Version 3.6.4, Drag&Drop saved file issue

Hello everybody,
the new drag & drop feature is great! Thank you for implementing it. I found the following issue though: if I load a saved game this way, then I close it, I’m not able to load another file in the same way. Now the name of the dropped file appears in the chat, but it is not loaded. I just tested it with a couple of my modules (see below) but maybe you want to check the issue. If I have to change something in the modules to have it working properly please tell me.

Thanks again for all your great work!

My system: Linux
My Java version: OpenJDK 17
Tested modules: Band of Brothers and C&C:Medieval

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Hi Giulio,

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce that problem – if I drag a file in and drop it on the chat window, everything is working for me (I am not able to drop it specifically on the area where you type the chat, but I can drop it on the main box where the chat appears, and it will load). The one edge case is if I’m dragging a Discord link (instead of a file from the file window), in which case if I drag it onto the main chat window it will load, but if I drag it into the area where you type the chat I will just get a text version of the link.

If this problem persists, could you possibly give more detailed steps to reproduce the problem, and/or screenshots?



Hi Brian,
sorry for the late reply. For some reason, I missed your email. Yes, I checked and I think my mistake was actually to drop the file in the typewriting area. If I drop the file in the larger chat area, the file load.