Version number comparisons

Hi Joel,

While working the new updater, I am implementing it as a plugin to test out the plugin code. Once done, we can integrate it into the core.

I’m getting a funny with the version comparison:

- Extension 'GameUpdater.plugin' was created using version 3.1.0 of the VASSAL engine
You are using version 3.1.0-svn2906. It's recommended you upgrade to the latest version of the VASSAL engine.

Shouldn’t an svn build be considered later than it’s base build?


Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

No. 3.1.0-anything < 3.1.0. The opposite would be confusing, since then
all of the pre-release builds for 3.1.0 would have to be 3.0.17-something,
which is misleading, as they have nothing to do with 3.0.17.


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Yes, of course. I was thinking 3.1.0-svn was built on 3.1.0, not 3.0.x.