VERY BASICS where do I start! or link me to sticky please!?

Hello people. I am new to this and found the help, faq and wiki very unhelpful piles of gibberish. no offense to those who generously put their hard work and effort into it! I need some direction though, and i tried editing a module and felt like a carpenter in the textile mill. also if anyone would be gracious enough to find interest in my task, i will create a small array below of requirements.

thank you all!


Game : unnamed personal creation
genera : table top strategy
likeness : warhammer fantasy
goal : warhammer my way (already have a working physical game)

Pieces : individual square bases with editable text or interchangable graphics ( i dont mind making a different base for each graphic)
sizes- 2x2, 2.5x2.5, 2.5x5, 5x5, 4x4, 5x6 (extrapolated War. Fan. base sizes)
functions : free rotation, deletion, grid-able? (for ranks, if no hows about some grids with deletable squares?)

        Various templates from scanner ( AOE, terrain, markers)
        functions : rotation from point specific point, scale, deletion, collision?, transparency?

needs: Dice, rulers, tape measure (stay in place?)

Thanks again, from California!

Hi Andres, I was pretty intimidated by Vassal at first too. Hopefully as I learn more I plan on creating tutorials or adding to the Wiki to help new people get used to Vassal easier. You seem to be doing the right thing by trying to examine other modules. The best thing is to start off very simple. Look at what you want to do for your game and break it into smaller problems. Work on those problem individually and get small victories. It will also be easier for other people to help you if your problems are smaller like, “how do I display a wound marker on one of my enemy tiles?”

I myself started on a more complex module at first. I used another game that was similar and started to modify it in small ways. Still it was quite overwhelming so I found a very simple board game and decided to create a module out of that. Even though it ended up being more complex then I expected tackling a simple board game first helped me deal with less problems and get my feet wet. I quickly learned how Vassal works and some of it’s ins and outs. Now I have gone back to my more complex module and I am making good progress. I hope the above information helps out and don’t give up. It is a lot of fun and very satisfying when you complete a module.

  • John

Thank you John , I also found the HELP files which can be a helpfull tool hah :smiley:

Tutorials would be a great thing.


  • Andros