Very dependable seeks same

So I have found a few opponents on here . Still looking. Two that actually finish a game. 1 gone silent without notice. One that would get off to a bad start and quit after 3 turns .
Skype / Vassal are my preferred form of play, on weekends maybe or if time allows during the week . Pbem is most realistic for most peoples schedule ?

i own : Avalon Hills- Blitzkreig , D Day , War & Peace 2nd ed (4th edition rules?), Bulge or Russian Front ( be prepared for a lengthy game ) , Russian Campaign. VictoryGames Gulf Strike & Central America ( both also require lengthy commitment ) . Other game companies : Warriors of God , Kingdom of Heaven , Athens/Sparta , Clash of Giants - gettys/bullrn , Armageddon War , Fields of Despair , Washingtons War , Labyrinth… OH , also a big fan of Command & Colors Napoleonics vassal mod .

i dont quit.

Interested in some PBEM and we have a couple of games in common - War and Peace and Gulf Strike and the only time I will quit is when you have comprehensively defeated me and further resistance is futile. Can be found at peter.connor70 ‘at’ if you are keen.

e mail reply sent ;)

got two potential opponents . no further reply needed .

Check us out. We are a WW2 group for pbem play.

Tactical, Operational, Strategic, Land, Sea, Air

if you are still looking I would be interested.

Hello !
My name is Mark .
I am a construction worker in my 3 month winter off season . About 1 month left !!
Very interested in some non solo gaming.
I have a gaming channel on YouTube and have just finished one of my two games i was playing . Leaving me with one empty gaming table.
Thank you for your reply , sry for delayed response , defiantly interested .
Out of the list of games i posted on the original message , what mutual game would you like to play ?

I’m only familiar with the AH titles. Would like to start with Blitzkreig if thats possible. There are a bunch of variants so not sure which. I’m having to relearn rules for everything. This would be using the vassal engine of course and I could play online if we can coordinate when. Or send everything via email back n forth.


Ok . Let me break out my copy & refresh w/rules etc . If my memory is correct , i do believe i have attack & defense tactics card options. I am available most days or nights ( vacation till April ? ) so ill let you decide if you would rather live Vassal play or play via turn logs sent by email. Again on Vassal.

                                                                                          Mark G

i could play online tuesdays wednesdays thursdays or early fridays via the vassal server. im in gmt -3 time zone which is 2 hrs ahead of eastern time zone.

very good . give me a day or so to brush up on rules & i will go thru the vassal mods. We will need to decide on a mod . There are various choices. Look them over and let me know which one you want to use.

I’m thinking tournament game mod. I’m not familiar with system1 system2 pacific minor alliances mods that are listed. although i’ve never played the tournament mod before so I have to read the rules.
I know the basic game but everybody says the 1975 version is better.

Its been years sense ive played so ,i am reading the 75 rules & refreshing myself w/the game . Tournament style vs basic game - differences etc.
Give me a couple days , maybe ready to set up by next week ? . .

reading rules . . . may play a learn thru, but should be all set for play this week. ( 1975 rules , tournament style )

The email address I’m using is maybe that will be easier to use than this vassal email method. I’m thinking lets use Basic rules + Basic Optional + Tournament game rules – with NO Tour. game optional rules. And use the 1975 version of rules - downloadable from Vassal site.

will do . forgot how complicated this game can be . should be ready by tomorrow . ill log onto vassal mod and familiarize myself with that . email addy we’ll see you there next.

Emailed your Gmail about a week ago ?