Veteran PBM Wargamer, New To Vassal and Fortress Europa

I’ve been playing board wargames since 1972, and have played many less than complex games like the SPI quads by mail. I’m interested in using Vassal, and getting broken in on a game I’ve looked at longingly, but never played: Fortress Europa…any takers?

I’m interested. I have 2nd Edition FE. Have module 1.0 for FE on Vassal version

I am kinda new to Vassal, have three games going and did a few turns of FE with someone else. I think I got it down well enough to give it a go.

Relatively new to FE myself. I bought the game decades ago, tried to play it and didn’t like it. Took it off the shelf last year and made myself play it. I like it now. Looking for PBEM Vassal opponents.

If you wanna play FE email me at