VG Civil War

Messing around with the editor, trying to fix some of the bugs that bug me.
Fixed a couple of them, but can’t seem to figure out how to remove the “moved” marker from the CSA militia.
(None of the other counters have it)
Any ideas?

Open the counter in the editor, select “Mark When Moved” trait. The “<-Remove” button will then highlight and clicking it will remove that trait.

I tried that. Didn’t work.

Are you saying it won’t delete from the Trait list or when you open one of the setups the Moved marker still appear when you move the counters?

If the Moved markers still appear it’s because for any existing vsav game, which is what the setups are, you have to do Tools/Refresh/Run to have that trait removed from the militia in those setups.

Let me know.

Somewhere there are hidden counters that start the game on the board.
I think they are different sometimes.
For example - the 2star Pope that starts the game on the board in the leader pool box has a seniority of 7 (same as Burnside)
But if you go pull him out of counter window he is seniority one as he should be

The same thing is going on with the militia.
If you pull the counter out of the militia box - it still has the moved thing
But if you pull it out of counter window - the move thing has been removed (using method you mentioned)

I was able to remove it from trait list, but the marker still appears
The other changes I made in the trait box have worked

Yeah, I’ve looked for “At Start Stacks” or a hidden “Game Piece Pallet” and don’t see them.

Looks like best thing to do now is for any game you’re playing, delete those that start in the Militia window and replace with new ones that don’t show the Moved label. If you want to saved scenarios in the module to work that way you’ll need to open each, make the changes and resave them.

A real puzzler.