VG Pacific War, VG NATO

Looking for opponent for VG Pacific War or VG NATO.
Prefer play by email using log files.

St Petersburg, Fl

I am interessed by a Pacific War Strategic scenario.
Do you play with Markus Stumptner rules?

Do you know of anyplace on the internet that has a copy of the VG NATO rules, by any chance ?

You can get a digital copy of the game for $5AUD at


What are the Markus Stumptner rules?

Jose’ … w_hr99.pdf

The most important modification is ground movement once per week

The Strategic Scenario will take a while.

I prefer to play by email.

Do you prefer Japanese or US?

OK for pbem.
I prefer to play US but with home rules on Japanese victory conditions that allow the Japanese side to win points. Otherwise you have to play 2 campaigns to compare which US player wins the fastest. It will take a while but it is not a problem for me if God give me life.

Will you be setting up the game or I?

Allied set up first.
Module version 1.0
Are you ok with rules modifications that i sent in your PM?

Rules modifications: … .vlog?dl=0
Allied set up: … .vlog?dl=0

Group Play. Opponents invited to WW3.

I am moderating a multi-player, multi-game PBEM Master Game. Whew!
That mouthful means a set of master maps onto which I am merging the progress of players who are gaming various modern war board games.

Using Vassal or a similar aid, or face to face play, each pair or group of players report their activity twice a month to me. I track it all.

Victory Points in their games are converted by me into Command & Control Points 1:1 that will come back to them, or others, later as awards from High Command. (initially me) In future games the players compare the CPs they have and the high side gets a die roll modifier in combat. That reflects the attention paid by High Command on that battle. As we expand, players will become Theatre Commanders and take over from me the dispensing of Command Points.

We are currently seeking players who own modern games. As of March 15,20, we are running Blue Water Navy, World at War 85, Fifth Fleet, Red Storm, and Next War Korea. Request our manual. Join us!

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NO FEE Two week turns.