(VG) Vietnam

Hi im looking for some one to play VG Vietnam the whole Campaign as FWA :smiley: i know it will take a lot of time but im willing to give it a go…
PBEM only as im in Europe and it will be hard to play on line with some one from US

Hi Przemcio,
I don’t know the game you are talking about but I have an interest in the Vietnam era and would like to get into some wargames depicting that war.

PM me if your interested but I dare say it would involve a couple of training/mentoring sessions.

Hi Przemico251,

I would be willing to try a PBEM campaign game of VG’s Vietnam, as the FWA, thanks.

PM: ringofhills@gmail.com

Hi Guys, how’s the game going? I’ve just acquired a brand new copy of the game and am learning the rules. If you have a game going it would be good to maybe sit in on it for a bit if you didn’t mind?

if you are looking for a voip game with someone in europe pls pm me

hope your games go well!