VG's Pacific War

I noticed on this site that the Pacific War
module is in development since April of 2005/Nov of
2005 with the last note referencing “Trying to
implement the autoimage plugin to help create all the

Based on the screen shots it looks like the module is
mostly done. I’d be glad to volunteer to keep this

The PW module isn’t quite that close.

It looks that way as it was started as a port of the Cyberboard gbx.

I got bogged down trying to make all the level counters for all the ships and planes (lots of numbers to change on each counter.)

The map and charts are done however. And lots of the counters don’t have levels.

I’ll gladly share the mod with you if you wish to help.


Arrival of the Pacific War module is emanate.
Working on the finishing touches with a lot of help from some friends.

I’m looking forward to playing this magnificent game on line and would be looking to start a Pacific War ladder.

watching this post guys :slight_smile:

THe Pacific War module is done.

ahh - thx :slight_smile:

Works great too. :slight_smile:

Great job to the entire team. Thanks!