Victory in the Pacific module enhanced to 1.1

Arakis and Bill Thomson combined efforts to enhanced Bill Sayer's VIP module to a polished form and version 1.1 ready for mass use byt the active VIP PBEM community.

Updated 050407

Version 1.1 (Bill Thomson)
-Enhanced map for Return Boxes for turns 2-9 for LBA and Marines.
-The old map deleted from Images.
-Campaign start file generated for new map.
-Reinforcements added to return boxes in appropriate turns
-Help files added for AREA Player Rankings, Articles Index, Game Credits, and Online Documentation, Optional PBEM Rules, Organized PBEM Play.
Tournaments, Version History,
-Added hotkey functionality for 1d6-9d6
-Added Notes Window
-Added Help file for Ship Withdrawal Schedules

Version 1.0 (Asher Keen)
-New Ship Counter artwork
-Ship counters now have ship names
-Added zoom capability
-Reinforcement arraigned in tabs in order of turn entry.

Version 0.0 (Bill Sayers)
-Initial version.

Please send all additional comments, modification/error correction to Bill