Victory Point Track

How does one create a Victory Point track as a map window (or any way, actually; I’m open to suggestions)?

The way the physical game does it is with x1 and x10 chits for each side which you position on a 10 space track.

I’d like to be able to set something up so that I can get a text buffer report that says something like:

"The (side) score is now: (x10 chit)(x1 chit) victory points.

The players would move the VP chits on the track and cause the report to be updated in the buffer.

Or, is there a better way to do this?

There is a point where exactly reproducing physical components of the game is not necessarily the best way to go. The X1/x10(/x100) point tracks are a pain to use in a real game and just as painful to use if you reproduce it in Vassal. it is not obvious from a casual look what the VP total is and you have to move multiple counters around to change VP’s, one of which might end up on the other.

As a matter of course, I just replace these with a Global Variable for the VP total, and then create a counter with a text label that shows the current VP total and right-click commands to increase/decrease the VP total.

This also adds extra flexibility where other game components can modify the VP total just by changing the Global VP variable.


sort of like a scoreboard, eh? Hmm… I might have to look into that…