Video Offset Problems with new Java Updates?

I haven’t worked on the TBK module for a few weeks. Got back into it today and I’m experiencing errors and video offsets. When I start the world creation process, I’ll get an error that the .png for one of the pieces is an unrecognized image and it will offset the graphic on the map. Not always the same piece. In fact, it tends to choose a piece at random.

In this example, the main stone bridge is supposed to bridge the two hexes up and to the left of the graphic. Also this error message appears:

Bad Data in Module: Unrecognized image type Tile_Main_Stone_Bridge.png


Ironically, the layers on the piece that display the tile codes is in the right place.

Attached is the error log.

I was reading some of the Java problems that may be causing this. I was updated to Java 6 Update 30. I’ve regressed to Java 6 Update 27 but the problem is still there. Does anyone know which update I may have to regress to to get back to work on my module?