Vietnam 1965-1975 (VG)

Vietnam 1965-1975. The full campaign. Yes, I know what I am saying in terms of time. :smiley: Looking for an opponent who can handle at least a once a week 3 hour commitment via Skype or some other VOIP system. I’ll play NLF or FWA. I want to give this graceful, beautiful gem at least one full Campaign play-through in my lifetime. I am on PST.

Hi !
Looking for a try at this one but begining with two scenarios (one as FWA and one as NFL) to have a good feeling of operations before going on for a campaign.
I’m in France (actually GMT +2), I can play at least 3 times in a week/wweekend BUT can’t start before 20:00 my time (11:00 PST time)…
Hope it will be ok for you :slight_smile: