Vietnam Campaign

Just back from 10 years overseas, I found my old VG Vietnam 1965-1975 box, including pages of handwritten notes, erratas, copies of articles, hand-coloured maps. Then I find out an upgraded version has be released by GMT recently.

I still consider it the best operational/strategic-level game out there and am wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a campaign (yeah I know, it’s a big commitment - like joining the Corps or getting married - but maybe we can test the waters with a scenario to start and get acquainted?). There’s no way I can play this in person, but I can commit to 3-5 hours/week…

Anyone interested?


I may be interested. Can you play live (rather than PBEM)? I tend to be available in the evenings and live in the EST (GMT -5). A small scenario just to figure it out would be a great place to start.


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clarification: I can play live online, just not live in location (hence my post on Vassal).

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for your response. What I meant to say in my post is that I can’t play in person (logistics) but I can certainly play live online. Sorry if this wasn’t clear. I agree Vietnam is not a game system suitable for PBEM (too many interactions). Hence the appeal of the Vassal platform 9just learned about it last week).

We’re in the same time zone so that is a plus.

Have you played the game before? I have never played online.

I played a campaign scenario once as the Allied and did poorly at start (doing well in the field but loosing ground on pacification) but eventually it got better. We ran out of time and could not finish but it was headed toward a narrow finish because US morale was still well above commitment. I have played each scenario of the original VG at least once (some are better than others), and I would be quite keen to try the new ones introduced in the GMT edition (and hopefully the platform accommodates new rules, errata, etc).

I’m rusty - haven’t played in years - but put in so many hours in the past 30 years that I’m sure the muscle memory will kick in quickly.

I’m flexible re: schedule. I work from home and on my own time, so with a bit of planning can generally free myself up. But I figure it would be most productive to plan 3-5 hours per session because imho it’s best to try to get a full turn done, otherwise you lose time getting situated (and anyway I hate the suspense of an incomplete turn/operation).

When would you be free to try a small scenario?


Hey Max,

I’m still reading the rules, but could be available Friday or Saturday. Contact me off list at : mitch dot lake at gmail dot com and we’ll work out times and other details.