Any one up for a long Grand Campaign game me as FWA??? if yes drop me a line :slight_smile:


I could give it a try. Was a long time since I played it FTF, but never tried it with Vassal.

Do you have an idea of how much time you´ll need to finish the campaign?

…are you guys still playing your current game?

Are you still looking for an opponent?

Hi all,

I’d pretty much given up on ever playing anything but a short Operations scenario of this game. Just too interactive for long PBEM games, and no ftf opponents handy. But this thread has made me think it’s time to try for a VASSAL/Skype live contest. I’d be interested in a full Campaign, weekly 3-4+ hours long sessions (2 or 3 sessions if possible, as long as possible) at least. I’d much prefer playing FWA, just like the OP. As a Viet Nam era vet, I’m pretty sure I do not want to commit to what will probably be my only match up of this game as the Bad Guys.

Any interest out there?

bad Guyt

Emailed you, maybe we can do this. Great game, and best as a campaign.

Hi folks !
Looking too for a game with this one.
Check here :