Viewing Opponents' Cards Freely...

Does anyone know how to make a Player Hand viewable by opponents on demand, but not visible to all other players all the time when being viewed? The game in question has players holding some cards that should be open all game, but also some that are hidden until played. Other players need to be able to examine the open cards freely.

Thanks for any help on this one.

I’ve got around it for now by creating two Player Hands per player, one open and one hidden. But with 6 players, I’d very much like to know if anyone has a more elegant solution?

I would think that the simplest solution would be to do what one would
do in a real face-to-face game:

The cards that should be openly visible will be played face-up in
front of the player. In other words, you just have the players put
the openly visible cards in the open.

I assume that it is the type of the card that determines whether it is
open or hidden. In that case, perhaps the simplest solution would be
to have you just create the open cards without a mask trait, or else
to use the same front and back images for those cards.

Thanks for the ideas Tar. But with 6 players, I don’t want cards cluttering up the main board, so I’m not sure how I’d do the former idea.

Regards the latter idea, I’ve already got the hidden cards masked, but how can players view each others Player Hands freely without obscuring the board all the time for each other?

You could make one public hands window where all six players put their public cards in designated areas?

Interesting idea, bdgza - would this best be done as a board or a player hand?

I don’t know how it is best done, but I would probably make a background image which marks the player areas, and put that on a board. And if card slots are required make a grid of positions for cards to be placed. I would only use a hand window if it has limited access by one or more players/sides. In this case everyone can (should) see it. Also, you don’t want all cards to be laid out in one row, since you want 6 rows.