Visually showing dice in chat window

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that the latest version of VASL has this feature (showing images of the dice result in the chat window), I’m wondering if there is a class within VASL that I could import to have my module do the same? If so, how customizable (for a non-programmer) is it?

I have symbolic dice that are attached to an Action Button so that I could get a sound played when the button is pressed. Before I had the symbolic dice show in the toolbar but I’ve lost that feature by tying it to an action button. I tried having the dice show in a pop-up window but as others have noted, that gets annoying when you lose the focus off of the chat window. Therefore, the perfect solution would be if I could have my symbolic dice show in the chat window. Is this possible? Thanks!

Dear all, I would be grateful if anybody could tell me the solution to this …thanks

I haven’t looked at VASL, but is it likely they’re just using text results and unicode die face characters (U+2680 through U+2685)?

Wow, I had no idea any modules were this customised.

The class that replaces the chat interface and displays dice images is this one: …
but I think it’s not exactly a drop-in option for a non-programmer - it does other VASL-specific stuff in that class (like adding all the roll buttons to the custom bar). Making a properly customisable version that paints the custom die images instead would be a pretty reasonable project for someone wanting to learn more about Vassal though…