Vlogs getting slower and slower to load/save, memory issues

I am having an hard time understanding why a PBEM game I am running with 4 other players is getting slower and slower to load and save, vlog after vlog. Getting out of memory issues after a few vlogs, too.

This is with my module for High Frontier 3rd Edition. The current published version (1.2) does take a lot of disk space (120 MB) and, I guess, a lot of RAM/virtual memory when running. This is mostly due to the large images used in the file. I have made a, yet unpublished new version (1.3), where I halved all image sizes (down to 60 MB of module size). I rebuilt the up to date state of the game without any slowness saving and without any memory issues (default heap size). Fellow players had no problems loading the vsav and playing through+saving their first vlogs.

But after only about 3-4 vlogs we are all showing slow loading and saving times, with associated Out of Memory warnings when saving.

Any clue what could be causing this? Perhaps Vassal doesn’t like large maps with heavy irregular grids? Or too many prototypes on cards and pieces? Some sort of memory leak, perhaps on the Calculated Properties I added to, say, the cards to show how many of them there are in a stack when more than one?

I am really at a loss understanding why only moving a few pieces on the map and dragging a couple cards from a stack to another, which is all that is involved in any vlog, would cause loading/saving time to quickly explode after just a few vlogs.

Any suggestion deeply appreciated!

I think these 2 areas are where you want to focus your efforts. Large images aren’t likely the problem, as long as none have obscenely immense pixel dimensions (e.g. tens of thousands of pixels in either height or width, like some people have attempted before).

I think I have found the “memory leak”-like issue: a startup global key command adds like 118 somewhat heavy counters on a map. Each vlog would add these 118 counters again and memory use would continue to expand till beyond available heap size.

It’s bizarre that this would be the case - sounds like a bug to me - but it gives me hope.

Lesson learned: make sure startup key commands only run once and not every single time a vlog (and possibly vsav?) is loaded.