Volunteer needed for wiki reorganization

Our wiki, primarily intended for documentation and HOWTOs, is in a bad way. It desperately needs some attention, both with organizing the content and ensuring that it’s up-to-date and accurate. We’d like to take the opportunity presented by our impending site migration to get the wiki back in order.

This is a big job. What we’re looking for right now is a volunteer to head up the wiki cleanup effort, someone who has a vision of how the documentation should be, who can then recruit and lead a team of volunteers to get it done.

(The old wiki has been dumped into the new wiki, at www.test.nomic.net/wiki in case you’d like to see what you’re up against.)

Some of the most frequent complaints I read about VASSAL are our badly organized and obsolete documentation—remedying this will be a boon for the community.

Anyone interested, please reply here.

We 'll be happy, if the community of Vassalforge can help for doing this job.

Not automatically for leading this group, We can help to work on it. We have a lot of case studies (in French for the moment) and others docs for Vassal that we can be translate.