VSQL concealment counter issue

Using Vassal 3.2.17 and VSQL v4.2.2

I cannot get ‘Let opponent unconceal my units’ to work.

Have verified that both players have ‘Let opponent unconceal’ checked in preferences

Users suggested that pulling ‘?’ counters from the counters tab would fix the problem.

It did not.

Right clicking on an opponents concealed stack gives only the mark moved (Ctrl-M) option

I have tested by pulling both units and ‘?’ from the counters tab…no change

I have tried manually removing the '?'counters from concealed units…no change.

any help would be appreciated…thanks in advance

I believe that option only works if it is in place at the time the game is started.

To be more precise, the option must be selected by your opponent prior to the Concealment counters in question being placed by him.

Other wise, the whole concealment system would be pointless if anyone could just select an option to show their opponents concealed units.