VSQL-Problem Loading Boards

VSQL seems to work fine, but have had no luck getting the boards to work. At the opening window I can’t access any boards and when I try to load a pre-made scenario I’m getting “No Boards Found”. Anyone have similar problems?

Have you gone into File → Preferences (after loading the VSQL module) and set the Board Directory to point to the folder where you downloaded the boards? It’s about 2/3’s of the way down.

Thanks for the reply. I went to Preferences and set it to draw from boards 01-10 and got something like a “Java SE binary error”. I wonder if I should reload the boards using WinZip instead of 7-Zip?

Have you unzipped the boards? They need to be unzipped in a folder, then point VSQL at that folder.

Brent, thanks for the advice. Boards are unzipped, setting it to point to boards, no dice. I think I’ll delete all the VSQL files and start over and follow the Start Up guide to the letter as I reload it.