Want to play TI3

Is there a PBEM or PBF(orum) game of TI3 starting?
Is there a game needing a sub/fill-in player?

seanmemphis at yaho

Subject: Re:TI3
Hi, Donegal.

Yes, I’d be fine with using the Vassal module. Actually, modded is great! And doesn’t that Vassal module use the expansions?

In order to (re-)generate interest, I’d suggest using the Vassal module and posting the game (every action of every phase of every turn… I can do the posting on BGG’s TI3-PBF-Forum) on the BGG forum, as well.

So my answer is, literally, “yes; both, please.”

Now we need at least 2 more players, and preferably four more! =)
Here’s where using Vassal (inc. its Forum) AND BGG can help.

I’ll post this all on the BGG Forum and the Vassal Forum, and we’ll see who signs up! :slight_smile:


Donegal wrote:
I,m interested in a game. Do you want to use forum or vassal?
I know a great vassal module for the game, although it’s a bit modded, with sightly different strategy cards and technologies