Wanted: Twight Struggle opponent for n00b

G’day I’m about to start holidays here and I want to get into Vassal and Twilight Struggle.

Anyone keen? email me at cameronf74@gmail.com if you are interested.

Be well,

Still waiting…hoping…willing to beg…

Anyone? Hello?

If you have the time, please email me (see above).

I should also add that I’d be willing to have a go at any game. Just want to get into this arena somehow…

I’ll game you if you like, but I don’t have Twilight Struggle unfortunately (but if the rules are online let me know). Also I’m GMT +7 so real-time might be tough - but hey, it is the holidays.

We can work it out or go slower with PBEM. Either way I’m happy,

Thanks muchly!

Great! Just sent you an email. I’ve found the official rules online - perusing.