War and Peace 3rd Ed PBM

First post here.
Just wondering if there is anyone around who fancies War and Peace by email.


Yes, I’d love a game. Any minimum on number of players, what scenario, etc.?

I’d be interested,m with the side note I haven’t played in a long while!

Hum… checking…I have the 2nd edtion rules. Anyplace I can download the 3rd edition from?

Regards, Jeff

I would be interested to play, at least by PBEM. It’s been years since I’ve played, too, so I’d appreciate anyone willing to put up with some newbie-ness.

Willing to go with any suggested scenario, 2-player or could help fill out a multi-player.

Looks like we have 4 interested parties… so a campaign game?

Regards, Jeff


I got into a two-player game of Austerlitz (scenario 1) already, but am up for more. If one of you wants to get a multi-player going, I’m game.


I am a bit hesitant to go with the campaign game right at start, given how long it’s been since I’ve played - but not THAT hesitant, if folks can put up with some ‘issues’ at the beginning.

If we go forward with a campaign game, can someone tell me what optional rules from the 3rd edition rules we’d be using?

OR, perhaps someone is interested to do a 2-player scenario with me as a starter, and then go on to the campaign game (for 4) in a bit?

To clarify: this should be PBEM, as I am often not flexible with my free time. Also, the reality is, I would probably be looking at 1-2 turns a week, max. Don’t want to start out and have wrong expectations.


Well it looks like we have 3 players for sure. Steward, believe you started the thread, are you up for a game?

Since we have at least 3 I’d say we go for the campaign game. I play a pretty relaxed style so the learning curve isn’t an issue and a couple of EM’s a week is fine.

I haven’t played for over a decade so I’m not sure I’d be the best player for France - although that was my favorite when I did play. :slight_smile:

Any preference as to sides?

Regards, Jeff