War of the Ring and other modules

Hi all, some questions from a newbie.

I recently D/L’d Vassal and I’m looking to get involved in a game or two. I own FFG’s War of the Ring and recall reading about a module at some point in the past, but the link here has no file for download. Does anyone know how I could get ahold of this module?

I also recall reading something about FFG games modules lacking text for their cards in order to limit piracy. That seems like a good idea to me, but I’m curious how it works in practice. Do the modules cards just share titles with actual game cards, requiring the players to consult their own real cards to see what they do?

I could probably find opponents in my area, but I’m in the middle of a tough semester and can’t really spare the time to spend at my local game store. I can manage a turn or two at night when I’m too beat to study, but can’t really justify a good 4-6 hour game session.

Also, there seem to be other modules out there that don’t appear to be available here. For example, I read a reference to the old Federation and Empire game (which I owned in the mid 1980’s) I’m not interested in that particular module, but would like to know if there is a comprehensive source of info on mod’s which aren’t listed here.

Incidentally, my local game store, which mostly deals in miniatures games, has a sizable selection of old used wargames for sale. I owned many of them in the early to mid 80’s and hadn’t seen most of them since I joined the Navy at eighteen and left home. What a trip down memory lane it was to find them in the store! I’m tempted to purchase VG games Vietnam and/or Civil War games in order to be able to play the Vassal mod’s, but relearning the complicated rules is more than I can manage right now.

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbing now. Thanks in advance for any help.


That depends on how the module is made. A property sheet can be attached to a card in Vassal that will provide as much information on the card as the designer wants. This is handy for cards and components that have so much information attached to them that trying to include all the info on the component would make for a huge graphic.

In my game, all descriptions on cards and components are placed in a property sheet so that all you see on the component is the graphic (and perhaps a couple of stats) and you’d right click them and select Description to get all the info.

Hi. Although there is no Vassal module for WotR, there is another program players use to play online.
It can be found here:

Isnt that different?

Well, yes, it’s not Vassal. But, since this game isn’t available on Vassal, it’s the only option (that I know of) at the moment.

It’s quite a nice program. DL it and check it out, and if you don’t like it, you can always delete/uninstall it.

But, if you mean a different game, then, no, it is the War of the Ring game by Fantasy Flight Games.

By which you probably mean the War of the Ring game by Nexus, don’t you?

Is the one I meant! Any one have that lol?

Not me, unfortunately. But I just wanted to give credits (to Nexus) where are due :slight_smile: