Wargame Opponent

Looking for opponent for live wargame play via Vassal with voice chat. I’m Eastern Standard Time. I’m pretty free until after new years. After that, we could pick an evening or sometime on the weekend. I work as a programmer 9-5, and teach Monday nights. You can view my collection at Board Game Geek under user name sir_gunblade. Here are a few examples:

Columbia Block Games
Men of Iron Series
Warriors of God
Commands and Colors Ancients
Maria (3 Players only)

I am interested in learning other games. I’m mostly interested in Napoleon era and earlier, plus sci-fi and fantasy. I wouldn’t say no to the occasional Euro, Ameritrash, abstract, or card game as well.



If you are still looking for opponents, I wouldn’t mind playing some Columbia Block Games. I’m also Eastern Standard Time. I’m pretty experienced with Hammer of the Scots and Crusader Rex.

I live in the UK and can Skype/Vassal if our schedules don’t conflict. I have the Men of Iron series and do a lot of pre-20th Century games. Right now I’m playing Kingdom of Heaven against a friend in Canada.



Greetings I saw your posting on vassal. I do not know if you are still interested in playing for Crusader Rex or Julius Caesar or any other Columbia block game. If you are interested send me a message perhaps we can play a nice friendly slow game using vassal play by email. Let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Jerry.