Warriors of God beta3 problems

Hi Joel,

I notice we are starting to get some bug reports for Warriors of God custom code failing on 3.1. This is due to the change you made to AbstractBuildable.getComponentsOf(), changing it from returning a Collection to a List.

In hindsight, this change should not have been made, but if it is not affecting other modules, I am happy to bring out a modified wofg module for 3.1. Unfortunately, with this sort of change, I can’t create a single module that will work for both, but wofg is a brand-new module and I need to make a couple of other changes anyway.


Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

There was a good reason for changing that: If we return a Collection, then
we’re not guaranteed to get the components in any particular order. But
there are places where order matters, I think, which is why it should be
a list. We only started returning a Collection there between 3.0b2 and
3.0b3, so I doubt that there’s much which depends on it. I’d hate to have
to deprecate that method, as it’s a good name for it.

I wouldn’t worry about the incompatibility with 3.0. Once we’ve released
3.1, I don’t expect anyone to still want to use 3.0.


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