We don't need another Hero .... : HEROMACHINE

If you are like me : not skilled enough to draw a line …

Heromachine online character generator can help !!

ugo.com/channels/comics/hero … chine2.asp

HeroMachine FAQ :

Who owns the copyright for the character(s) I create?You own the copyright for the idea and concept of your character, though the actual image you create with the HeroMachine belongs to AFD Studios. Use of that image for non-commercial purposes is granted automatically. If you would like to use the image on a commercial site, please contact AFD Studios. Basically you own the character concept, but AFD Studios retains the rights to each image (including the color scheme) used in that character graphic, individually and in aggregate, as it exists within the HeroMachine. In other words, I can’t claim to own your idea, and you can’t claim to own any collection of images and colors within the HeroMachine, even if someone else uses it to create an exact duplicate of your character. You’ll have to go after them for infringing your copyright, not me.