Weekday vassal opponent

Looking for a weekday vassal opponent with skype for one of the following games:

  1. Nothing Gained by Glory
  2. Burma
  3. Barbarossa: Crimea
  4. Ardennese (SCS)
  5. Stalingrad Pocket (SCS)

I’d be happy to set up some SCS games with you or to learn Nothing Gained but Glory - I am familiar with This Accursed Civil War which usees about the same system. I can play live one weekday. I’m in the Eastern Time Zone, USA (GMT -4 or -5 depending upon the time of year.)

Email me at markacres1812@gmail.com

Jeb, I might like to play Burma. Its the only OCS game I have that I haven’t played.

designer1812 and billyboy, I’ll be getting back to both of you.


Lets set something up!